Welcome to Hullaballoo!

I am Chris and I make art easy to achieve!

Too many people think that art is for the elite few and you have to be born with the genes.

After many years of art teaching experience from 3yr olds to 90 year olds, I have developed easy and accessible ways to teach people to make art whether it’s painting, drawing, sculpture, clay, printing, you name it I can teach or create it!

Since coming away from the classroom I have found enormous satisfaction and an ever increasing demand for what Hullabaloo Studio has to offer

I am passionate about sharing my knowledge to make the process simple, effective, fun and accessible.

Here’s how I can help you.


Mural image


Whilst I love doing murals for babies and toddlers rooms, the murals can be done on anything! Back yard fences, living rooms – whatever!

Prices are usually charged at a day rate.

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Artist in Residence

Picture of teacher passing on knowledge

Teacher passes on knowledge

Residencies are one of things I gain great satisfaction from, and where together with students we can can make an enormous positive difference to learning environments.

For the last three years I’ve spent a considerable amount of my residency time at Sacred Heart College in Geelong helping students create a series of permanent installations.

Although some of these works are obviously of a religious nature and connected to their 150-year celebration, I am able to do residencies in any community environment.

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Journalling workshop

Journalling workshop

I offer a wide variety of workshops at any location.

Workshops can be designed to suit your needs or those of your community, you only need to ask. Part of the uniqueness of Hullabaloo is that we can create a workshop to suit you. You only need to ask.

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Art Classes

Art classes

Art classes are a great way for you to get motivation and feedback in your art.

Covering a wide variety of mediums, these workshops can be run at Hullabaloo or at a venue of your choice.

I cater for beginners right through to experienced artists, leadership groups, students, friends – anyone!

You can tailor one-off workshops, weekend workshops, a six week package or ongoing – anything is possible.

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Art retreats

Art retreats

My workshops have a practical/ art focus and can be designed to suit the needs of the age, gender and culture of your community. If there is a theme or focus for the year, workshops can be created around them.

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Religious Art

Sacred Heart Geelong works

During my Artist in Residence travels I have been asked to create Religious Art to suit the needs of the various communities that I have worked within.

This is an exciting emerging area for me.

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Exhibition space for hire Malmsbury and Kyneton

Exhibition space for hire

Hullabaloo Studio is a great place for emerging Artists to have a group exhibition or individuals.

There is ample parking, it is a beautiful light filled space and a straight drive up the Calder Freeway.

Hanging system installed, catering facilities available (which can be self managed) or Hullabaloo can do the lot !

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Space for Hire

Hullabaloo Studio is available for functions including weddings, commitment ceremonies and birthdays. Contact me to organise a time and come up and discuss the possibilities.