Welcome to Hullaballoo!

Hullabaloo Studio is nestled in picturesque Malmsbury within the Macedon Ranges and is also the home of Sage Bronze Sculptures.

Here’s what Hullabaloo Studio can do for you.

Sage Bronze Sculptures

In the course of Christine’s 30 year career, she has worked in a variety of mediums but was drawn to bronze because of the enduring nature of the metal.

Her skills with the medium have led to a series of major commissions to create iconic sculptures which capture the spirit and essence of the subjects.

Sage Bronze Sculptures are created using the age old lost wax method. Working with Mal Woods Foundry, this forgotten technique, which requires the skills of both artist and artisan, has become the hallmark of Sage Bronze Sculptures.

Christine and her sister Megan (a well-known ceramicist) work together with Regina Byrne, who handles every step of the project between the client, artist and foundry. As a former secondary school Principal, Regina brings years of experience and knowledge in coordinating projects to provide a seamless outcome for clients.

Sage Bronze Sculptures work Australia wide.

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Artist in Residence

Christine continues to work as an Artist in Residence in schools and communities specialising in Contemporary large scale Murals and Mosaics.

Christine and her team, work in Primary or Secondary schools to create large scale works with the students within a short time frame. From the design process to installation, Hullabaloo Studio works with the community to ensure that there is a quality project the community are proud of.

Hullabaloo Studio are available to work Australia wide.

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Commission Work

Christine is available as an Illustrator, Sculptor and painter for private or public works. If you’re interested in finding out more, click here.