Sage Bronze Sculptures

Sage Bronze Sculptures are able to produce work Australia wide.

Artwork ranges from Life-Size sculptures for communities to relief work, panels, through to more intimate pieces commissioned as remembrance works for families or individuals to be passed down through the generations as lasting creations.

Frequently asked questions about the process are answered below.

What is involved in the Production of a Bronze Sculpture?

  1. Design Development and Drawings are developed in consultation with Client
  2. Final Drawings signed off and final costings obtained and approved.
  3. Armature is constructed and welded by Foundry
  4. Materials for Production are purchased and sourced
  5. Production of Sculpture at Hullabaloo Studio
  6. On completion of the sculpture the client signs off for investing of Bronze
  7. Foundry Create Moulds at Hullabaloo Studio
  8. Wax / Casting and Bronzing of the work is conducted at Mal Woods Foundry
  9. Artists refinement work is conducted at Foundry
  10. Patination Consultation occurs with Client/ Artist and Foundry
  11. Installation of the Sculpture ( Australia wide)

Included in the working method is the visual Recording of the Process from start to finish and if requested working with the community in practical sessions prior to production.

“We pride ourselves on our professional and efficient approach to all of our clients needs. All of the communities and individuals we have worked with, would tell you that we were able to collaboratively and creatively bring their ideas to fruition” Christine Sage

Here are some of our recent clients and their thoughts on working with Hullabaloo Studio.

“Our experience with Sage Bronze Sculpture was very positive. To see our ideas transformed from the abstract to the concrete before our eyes was a joy. Chris and Regina enabled us to realise our dream of unique and iconic artworks, imbued with our College charism and beliefs, into a tangible reality.” Rory Kennedy, Principal MacKillop College

“Sage Bronze Sculptures created on iconic stature of a young St Brigid for our school which captures the beautiful soul of our Patron Saint. From start to finish we didn’t have to worry about a thing.” Damien McKew, Principal, Clonard College Geelong

“These artworks created by Sage Bronze Sculpture exceeded all expectations and provided the school with a lasting legacy.” Sacred Heart College Geelong Alumni Association

“We would like to take this opportunity to say how much we enjoyed the day last week, for allowing us to be so hands on in the production of Sr Helene and share the honour of being a part of this very special journey. We can’t believe how much you have embodied the image of Sr Helene. We were so privileged to see your studio and work alongside you in Malmsbury. Thanks again for a lovely day, lunch was great!” Students from Ave Maria College Alberfeldie

Some of our Custom Bronze Sculptures

Bronze sculpture: Sacred Heart Kyneton

Bronze sculpture: Clonard College Geelong

Project Manager: Regina Byrne 0419 832 007
Artist: Christine Sage 0432 687 031
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